Thursday, November 13, 2008

Guide to Mercenaries

What is Mercenaries?

Mercenaries are soldier that fights with you in the battlefield, but there are few terms and conditions you must fulfill to hire them. You must fulfill a level requirement and pay zeny fee to hire a Mercenary. Higher grade Mercenary will also require you to build a loyalty rating. Mercenary contracts can't be transferred to other players, and we only allowed a 5 base level difference between the Mercenary and you so you can't hire one much stronger than you.




How much is a Mercenaries and the requirements?

Level 1 scroll = Base Level 15 or higher and 7,000 zeny.
Level 2 scroll =
Base Level 25 or higher and 14,000 zeny.
Level 3 scroll =
Base Level 35 or higher and 21,000 zeny.
Level 4 scroll =
Base Level 45 or higher and 28,000 zeny.
Level 5 scroll =
Base Level 55 or higher and 35,000 zeny.
Level 6 scroll =
Base Level 65 or higher and 42,000 zeny.
Level 7 scroll =
Base Level 75 or higher, 49,000 zeny and 50 Loyalty points.
Level 8 scroll =
Base Level 85 or higher, 56,000 zeny and 100 Loyalty points.
Level 9 scroll =
Base Level 90 or higher, 63,000 zeny and 300 Loyalty points.
Level 10 scroll =
Base Level 90 or higher, 63,000 zeny and 500 Loyalty points.

Where do I get a Mercenaries?

Get a Lancer in Prontera town.

Get a Swordsman in Izlude town.

Get a Archer in Payon town(Warp at the top of Payon town).

How to use Mercenaries?

Attacking = ALT + Right click on monster.

Moving = ALT+ Right click.
Passive/Aggressive = Ctrl + T(toggle between Passive/Aggressive).
Open Info and Skills = Ctrl + R.

Where can I get Items for my Mercenaries?

You can purchase Mercenaries items either in Izlude Town or
Payon Town.

How do I get Loyalty points?

*Kill 50 monsters (monster should be half the base level of your mercenaries) it could be either killed by you or the mercenaries. You gain +1 points loyalty every 50 kills.
*If mercenaries survive in the 30 mins. contract you gain +1 loyalty points.

How do I loose Loyalty points?

*You loose 1 point when Mercenaries die in a battle.